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Pellbro operates a 9000 square foot office and industrial powder coating facility with a 9000 square foot  attached warehouse​. The actual coating line is a 650 foot 348X overhead conveyor system that integrates a 6 stage Iron-Phosphate wash, 1 million BTU dry-down oven, environmentally controlled application booth, and 2.5 million BTU  cure oven that can used in conjunction with the conveyor system or batch style. 

We have value added capabilities such as a Yokogawa Control for logging facility data (Conductivity, Titration, Temperature, Line speed, Etc.), a Data-Pack used to profile parts for cure time, a salt spray system for coating durability tests, and ISO 9000 compliant.

Chemical Treatment
chemical treatment and wash of substrate
Powder coating gun.
Welding of fixtures and jigs for product raking.

The pre-treatment chemical wash is a 6 stage Iron- Phosphate serpentine spray system that is heated using Propane fired submersion tubes.

Our application booth uses Nordson equipment and a Roll In-Roll Out design for quick powder changes mid production.

Powder Coating

Our facility has a machining press, mill, jig tables, and welders to manufacture racking on site.

Custom powdering of parts.
Custom Coating

Custom work is done for individuals when line space allows for it. Parts can also be masked when 2 or more different coats of powder are required.

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