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We can apply any type of powder chemistry to suit client's intended use such as Epoxies, Polyesters, Acrylics, Hybrids, Etc. We can also work with suppliers like PPG, Akzo Nobel, Tiger Drylac, and others to meet client specifications.

Powder coating chemistries and colors.
Industries served, such as the appliance and automotive.
Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process.

Powder coatings are baked onto substrates and do not require solvents for adhesion. This reduces or eliminates volatile organic compounds given off in wet based paints.

Pellbro has served numerous clients over the years in the automotive and appliance industries, including Ahresty Wilmington Corp, Kenworth, and Frigidaire. 

Eco Friendly
Industries Served
Colors & Chemistries
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